Sunday, August 19, 2007

Better Luck Next Weekend, Guaranteed

Ah, Friday night. I bragged and boasted about it in my last blog, my first blog and yet, how did my Friday night go? It started out well enough. The BF and I some how managed to get dinner before 8:00pm, which is quite a feat. We ended up at this small slightly frightening – the bathroom doors were rotted through at the bottom – but all in all, surprisingly clean place in Japantown called Tampopo. Ramen, udon, soba…Three of my four most favorite noodle dishes (the missing being vermicelli). We dined well, and must of have hit a sweet spot, because the food was truly delicious (and cheap), and there wasn’t an empty table in the house as we walked out.

It was still beautiful outside and both The BF and I were looking forward to gourmet cocktails from Bourbon and Branch, one of the trendy bars in the Tenderloin that models itself after an old speakeasy, unlisted address and all. It was just our style (or so we hoped), pretentious but deservingly so. Of course, The BF was thrilled that I was going out with him and his friends, and I was thrilled just to be going out at all. But as we left there was a certain awful feeling deep, deep within me.

By the time we reached home there was no doubt that something was in fact wrong with me. My intestines had turned on me. The damn traitors. It was brutal, whatever it was, a bug, bad Vietnamese, a cruel joke, I don’t know. Mike left without me after I assured him that I would live, and should I be near death, I would call him immediately. The night was spent alone. not alone really; I had the TV, the computer, and my newest book I just delved into. Now that I write about it, besides the frequent “bathroom breaks”, it wasn’t all that bad. In fact, what I would give now, Sunday at 8:30pm for that Friday night again.

One of the most amazing people I've met, who also happens to be one of my best friends, will be with me this upcoming Friday. Thank the heavenly skies. I miss that girl. Only five more days, 120 hours (45 spent being tortured, 35, if I’m lucky, spent sleeping, 7.5 spent commuting, 37.5 spent either desperately wishing for sleep or dreading work) until our reunion begins. But at least this week I know they will be hours well spent.. Here’s to dance parties, sickeningly sweet shots, and finding the personal resilience to do it TWO nights in a row. Counting the days to another Friday (literally).


Abbey said...

To the Next Great American Writer,

Lou I love your blog! It's so you...minus anything about me. I mean I am your roommate and best friend yet I get NO mention!! After our adventures this weekend (and i do mean THIS weekdend)which will include entertaining friends and visiting psychics hopefully you will have enough material to suffice!

PS: Congrats on the blog. You're one step closer to having a goat cheese farm!

Lauren Kolodisner said...

I promise ...just like gets easier with age..or at least you can laugh at it!

Anonymous said...

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